Afghan anti-terrorist group act like terrorists!

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The group that killed the police chief of Kandahar and other officers was a US trained unit that was employed by the US in counter-terrorism work. The song and dance performed by US authorities is truly pathetic. Everyone wants to distance themselves from the group but clearly the US hired them and trained them. One would expect that the Afghan government should have been aware of the unit but perhaps not. The guards were actually arrested and disarmed on a military base just outside of Kandahar according to another report. One wonders if they operated out of that base.
Surely these criminals should be handed over to Afghan authorities. If they have no connection to the operation of coalition forces why on earth would they face a military trial. They should be handed over to Karzai authorities immediately. In this case Karzai is right and has a legitimate complaint against the occupation authorities.
These criminals are hired by the US to engage in shadowy counter-terrorist operations. If they kill police chiefs in the clear light of day imagine what they do at night while engaging in counter-terrorist operations.
Officials in Washington and Kabul distanced themselves from the shootings by pointing fingers at one another. Within hours, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the gunmen were U.S.-employed private security contractors. Pentagon spokesmen claimed the shooting was “purely an Afghan-on-Afghan incident.”
The Canadian military characterized the gunmen more precisely: “An Afghan special unit that supports U.S. counterterrorism” but which acted “on their own volition, without orders.”
That portrayal speaks to a clandestine squad trained to operate in the shadows, but that ended up achieving global notoriety for gunning down police in public.
Now, the world will be watching to find out more about these men, how they were trained and why they may have acted so contemptuously toward law enforcement. None of the suspects have been identified. It is anticipated they will face a military trial.
In the aftermath of the shootout, Kandaharis slyly gossiped that the gunmen were likely denizens of “Mullah Omar’s house,” a reference to a compound that used to belong to the fugitive Taliban leader, but now is populated by Western intelligence agencies
The U.S. military took pains to say it had no direct involvement in the shootings, even though spokesmen refused to spell out any relationship with the gunmen.
The Canadian Forces, which NATO placed in charge of Kandahar Province, reacted in several stages. First, officials imposed an unexplained but short “communications lockdown” on reporters as soldiers secured the crime scene and helped make arrests.
Then, the Canadian commander, Brigadier-General Jonathan Vance, made a statement: “These were not [NATO] security guards in any way, shape or form,” he said, adding they didn’t fall under the U.S. military umbrella, nor were they private security.
Brig.-Gen. Vance simply called them “Afghan security forces.”
Hours later, his officials clarified that the suspects were “41 members of an Afghan special unit that supports U.S counterterrorism.”


LeDaro said…
Whole Afghanistan situation is a fiasco. Karzai hardly controls Kabul. That is why he is known as the Mayor of Kabul. He is also known to have relations with warlords and drug dealers. He is not much of a solution. No one has ever succeeded to subdue Afghanistan. Sad part is that it is innocent people who are being killed. I do not know what the solution is.

On a previous post of yours you may know that Bernie Madoff is given 150 years in jail. May be now they should go after his wife and sons. They destroyed too many lives.

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