Singh: Pakistani Govt. ''Must have"' backed Mumbai Attack

This is rather a surprising pronouncement and bound to increase tensions between India and Pakistan. Even if India has some evidence of this one would think it wise not to draw any conclusions in order to not ratchet up the tension between the two countries. It seems that while relationships with India are becoming more tense, Pakistan's relationship with Afghanistan is actually improving.

Singh: Pakistani Govt ‘Must Have’ Backed Mumbai Attack
Pakistan Denies Involvement, Says India Claim "Irresponsible"
Posted January 6, 2009
Unfortunately, we cannot choose our neighbors.” Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accused Pakistani government agencies of being involved in November’s Mumbai terrorist attacks, and said the Pakistani government was using terrorism “as an instrument of state policy.”
Prime Minister Singh seemed short on evidence to back up his claim, however, saying simply that “given the sophistication and military precision of the attack, it must have had the support of some official agencies in Pakistan.”
The Pakistani Foreign Office once again denied the allegations, saying India was engaging in “political point scoring.” The spokesman added that “the government of Pakistan expects the government of India would demonstrate restraint and responsibility. The policy of casting accusations without uncovering full facts and even while the investigations are still continuing is irresponsible.”
Since the Mumbai attack, the two neighbors have had a considerable cooling in their already frosty relationship. Both sides have reportedly moved forces to their mutual border, and both governments have accused the other of trying to slander it in the international community.

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