Israel Plans more Gaza Strikes

It seems that any strikes that Israel makes are just retaliatory or routine or anything but violations of the ceasefire. No move to open the borders yet either it would seem. No word of criticism from the west.

Israel Plans More Gaza Strikes
Hamas Avoids Retaliation, Trying to Cement Ceasefire
Posted January 30, 2009
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz cites top “decision-makers” as saying the attacks against Hamas and other groups in the Gaza Strip would continue in spite of the continuing efforts by the international community to negotiate a ceasefire. One source is quoted as saying the attacks were meant to show Hamas that strikes would not go unanswered.
But as Israel continues to ratchet up what it is calling retaliatory attacks, Hamas’ own response has been extremely muted. While Israel’s attacks on Hamas have caused numerous casualties (mostly civilians), Hamas hasn’t caused even property damage in Israel.
Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, who Israel threatened to assassinate earlier in the week, says Hamas’ main aim at this point is reconciliation. Israeli officials also say they believe Hamas is holding back retaliation from the Israeli attacks because it wants to complete a cease-fire agreement. No one could accuse Israel of doing the same thing.


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