Friday, November 28, 2008

Excerpts from the SOFA with Iraq

Some excerpts from a translation of the agreement at NYtimes. There are innocuous sounding packages that will actually give the US control over oil profits:
See my post and article at kenthink.

3. Consistent with a letter from the President of the United States to be sent to the Prime
Minister of Iraq, the United States remains committed to assist Iraq in connection with its
request that the UN Security Council extend the protections and other arrangements
established in Resolution 1483 (2003) and Resolution 1546 (2003) for petroleum,
petroleum products, and natural gas originating in Iraq, proceeds and obligations from
sale thereof, and the Development Fund for Iraq.

The sections on Iraq jurisdiction over criminal acts of troops and contractors is very limited:

The United States shall have the primary right to exercise jurisdiction over members of
the United States Forces and of the civilian component for matters arising inside agreed
facilities and areas; during duty status outside agreed facilities and areas; and in
circumstances not covered by paragraph 1.

Obviously even contractors are not subject to Iraq law when on duty!

The US is to do everything to ensure that Iraq does not meet its financial responsibilities incurred under Saddam. This will surely infuriate many especially Kuwait.

a. Support Iraq to obtain forgiveness of international debt resulting from the policies of
the former regime.
b. Support Iraq to achieve a comprehensive and final resolution of outstanding reparation
claims inherited from the previous regime, including compensation requirements imposed
by the UN Security Council on Iraq.
2. Recognizing and understanding Iraq’s concern with claims based on actions
perpetrated by the former regime, the President of the United States has exercised his
authority to protect from United States judicial process the Development Fund for Iraq
and certain other property in which Iraq has an interest. The United States shall remain
fully and actively engaged with the Government of Iraq with respect to continuation of
such protections and with respect to such claims.

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