Obama wants his very own surge--in Afghanistan.

These snippets are from the Globe and Mail. It seems that both candidates are keen to blow more money on expanding the US military, creating more US casualties, and public expenses to deal with the wounded. The change that Obama stands for is actually more of the same and an even more aggressive stance in Pakistan.

Sounding presidential, Senator Barack Obama said Wednesday he would order a surge of U.S. troops – perhaps 15,000 or more – to Afghanistan as soon as he reached the White House....

And Obama sounds much like George Bush as well as following in his footsteps in a militaristic foreign policy....

“The terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 are still at large and plotting,” he said, echoing Mr. Bush's oft-repeated refrain.....

This is all happening at a time when the US is facing a financial crisis and burgeoning debt.

“We can't afford another president who ignores the fundamentals of our economy while running up record deficits to fight a war without end in Iraq,” Mr. Obama said Wednesday. .

Right! So Obama is going to do the same thing as Bush but in Afghanistan.


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