The Biggest Gas-Guzzler of them All.

There is never a peep about this matter. The US taxpayer seems to worry about the cost of social programs and about fuel consumption of private cars and commercial jets but the huge consumption by the US military doesn't merit a mention.

The Biggest Gas-Guzzler of them All
Sunday, November 25th, 2007 in News, Empire, Military spending, Politics, US Military by Tim Swanson| Comment |

After Al Gore won the Peace Prize I mentioned that he did next to nothing to dismantle or even criticize military intervention during his terms as a senator and Vice President.

Yet, despite his fawning over a government controlled “green” world, neither he nor the rest of the political class have done anything to stymie the worlds largest oil consumer: the Department of Defense.

And unsurprisingly, despite substantially higher oil prices, “the needs” of the military will go undeterred for the foreseeable future.


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