EU report suggests that Arar deserves apology and compensation from member states

Italy was a stopover point on Arar's rendition to Syria. What a contrast this is to the US that continues to keep Arar on a no-fly list. Sen. Leahy really needs to have hearings on rendition to remove the cover of GOnzales and CHertoff who are hiding their mistakes under the protection of national security.

EU Report Recommends Apology for Arar
Josh Pringle
Thursday, January 25, 2007

A new European Union report will be tabled today suggesting Maher Arar deserves an apology and compensation from member states.

The Globe and Mail reports the European Parliament will vote on the report next month.

The report adds Italy should be held to account for allowing the United States to use Rome as a stopover base for the US flight that took Arar to Syria.



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