Saturday, January 20, 2007

Day still holds Arar should not be on no fly list

This was part of a question period at a meeting with Michael CHertoff in the US. Chertoff refused to divulge information on the basis of privacy rules! Chertoff is not even a bad joke any more. Can't he be retired to oblivion!
Stockwell Day is a right wing evangelical Christian type so if even he has not changed his mind after looking at the US evidence it is unlikely there is anything significant there. The US refused to co-operate with the Canadian inquiry into Arar. US officials both lied to and misrepresented what they were about in the Arar case as the O'Connor report shows.

Question: Have you been informed as to why he remains on the U.S. list?
Minister Day: Our officials recently have looked at all the U.S. information, and that does not change our position. We are still maintaining that he should not be on that fly list.

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