Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Explosion kills Afghan Police Chief and 3 officers.

Many of the local police are so unpopular that locals support the Taliban. The Taliban just withdraw from an area as long as foreign troops have control or engage in sporadic attacks. It is hardly surprising there is an increasing opposition to the occupation given air and other attacks who have killed a considerable number of non-combatants.

This is from the NYTimes.

July 14, 2009
Explosion Kills Afghan Police Chief and 3 Officers
KABUL, Afghanistan — The police chief of a district south of Kabul that the Americans had sought to make a Taliban-free model of safety and security was killed Monday along with three of his officers in a roadside blast.
The deaths cast a blow to the American effort and suggested that Taliban operatives had re-infiltrated the district, Jalrez, in Wardak Province.
He(Karzai) also addressed the growing concern among Afghans about the foreign troop presence, with the largest increase of American troops since 2001 and a sudden surge in violence. A report published Monday by an independent group of diplomats, the Afghanistan Analysts Network, warned that the Taliban’s appeal is increasing in Afghanistan alongside a “deepening sense of occupation and undercurrents of anti-Westernism.”

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