Thailand held "Digital Big Bang 2017"

Thailand just recently staged "Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017" as part of what is termed Digital Transformation Thailand. It is part of a broader plan to reform the Thai economy and society called Thailand 4.0
Thailand 4.0 is anambitious visioninvolving the fourth stage of economic development that is meant to transform Thailand's economy and society by technological innovation. In Stage 4.0 the economy is to be transformed from an industry-driven economy to one driven by innovation. For example agriculture must become more modern, adopting new technologies which are expected to enrich farmers. Small and medium enterprises must transform themselves into smart enterprises and startups making use of new technologies. The service sector should concentrate upon high value services rather than the low value services prevalent at present. The 4.0 program intends to use public-private partnerships as a model. To achieve this Thailand must have quality communications and telecom…

Danish company uses high tech solution to save water

Peter Nartoft, Chief Executive Office (CEO), of Aqubig heads a company that makes a smart water sensor solution that not only can tell you when your water consumption increases or decreases but also how it compares with the consumption of others.
Aqubig produces the smart water sensor solution for private households. There are three elements. One sensor measures the amount of water that is entering the house from the main water pipe. The second component is the "cloud" where the data is both stored and analyzed. The analyzed data can be seen on the third element which is an app for a smart phone. The app allows you to monitor your water consumption by use. You can see how much you use when washing up, showering, or any other activities. You can also compare your use with the average use of Danes. This allows you to locate areas where you could use improvement. Aqubig has joined a project with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) designed to promote small business develo…

French automaker Peugeot offers folding electric bicycle to fit in auto trunk

Driving a car through the central parts of large cities is becoming more of a problem with difficulties parking, traffic jams, noise and pollution. Peugeot the French auto maker offers one solution in that you can drive in to the outskirts, park your car, open the trunk and take out the eF01 an electrically assisted folding bicycle that will fit in most auto trunks. The bike features disk brakes on both the front and rear so that one should have no difficulty braking. The electrically assisted bicycle has a lithium-ion battery that has a range of up to 30km. but can go further depending on your willingness to pedal. Some vehicles such as the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 have outlets in the trunk and the e-bike can recharge in two and a half hours when the car is running. There is a special app that allows you to see how far the bike can go on the charge that is left. The eF01 can reach a speed of 20 km/hour. The use of the e-bike is an eco-friendly way of getting around the city and saves mo…

Dealing with diabetic children in school

Scientists from the University of Wellington in New Zealand suggest glucose testing meters be more stylish so that children with type I diabetes are not embarrassed when they use the meters in school.
A student with Type I is quite likely to be the only student using medical equipment in class in checking blood glucose levels. They may feel self-conscious when they pull out the meter--plus a test strip and a lancet device. A recent article claims that this is especially true for girls although no studies are cited to confirm this view. The scientists think that this problem can be helped by having glucose meters with jewelery-inspired design. What the kids want The scientists interviewed some girls aged 13-24 with type 1 diabetes to find out what sort of design requirements they wished in a meter. One would think there might be interviews with females who are all children. However, their responses were interesting in that they wanted such things as a well-functioning meter, one that b…