Salim Alaradi of dual Canadian Libyan citizenship cleared of all charges by UAE court

Salim Alaradi, a Canadian-Libyan citizen, has been held in jail in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 642 days. Alaradi was arrested with a number of other business people connected to Libya.

He has finally been acquitted on charges of providing financial support for and cooperating with Libya-based groups Libya Dawn and the February 17 Brigade. Canadian officials welcomed his acquittal and his family celebrated the news. However, he was taken back to jail and still is not free. He needs medical attention as well.
He was cleared along with three other co-accused. His lawyer, Paul Champ, said the four cheered and hugged each other after the verdict. All four were detained again by UAE officials. It is not clear why, but it may be for administrative reasons. Canadian officials were present to bring Alaradi, the father of five children, back to Canada and were confused by the arrests.
Global Affairs Canada claimed: "The Government of Canada raised Mr. Alaradi's case at the highest levels and called for his release and return to Canada." Alaradi and the three other accused had presented evidence of torture at other hearings. Whereas, Global Affairs previously claimed to have taken the allegations of torture "extremely seriously" they are remaining relatively quite of the issue but said: "We are moved by the resiliency shown by Mr. Alaradi's family, in particular, their courage and conviction." The family has been very active in lobbying the Canadian government to get Albaradi released. There are several You Tube videos made by the family. One is appended.
Marwa, the teenage daughter, said over the phone to Vice News:'It's has been the toughest two years, almost two years, of our life. It's the best news ever, it was amazing. But unfortunately my father was returned back to prison We expected my father to leave the courtroom with Canadian officials as a free man.I don't think he should be in prison because he is innocent. It's has been the toughest two years, almost two years, of our life."Originally Albaradi was faced with terrorism charges but those were dropped without any explanation in March to be replaced by the present charges.
Champ said he expected Alaradi's mental health would improve more slowly than his physical health:"It will take time for him to be the Salim he used to be, but we'll make sure he returns to the old Salim by taking care of his health." Immediately on release, Alaradi is to fly to Istanbul for "urgent" medical treatment. He will be reunited with his family there.
An American-Libyan and his son were also acquitted, Kamal Eldarat 59 and his Mohammed 34. They were both longtime residents of the UAE, moving there in 1997. The family was overjoyed at the verdict but said the trail should never have taken place. She said it could still take days or even weeks before they were released because of procedural issues.


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