Trump has prominent Muslim business friends in Dubai

Republican presidential candidate and frontrunner Donald Trump is known for his diatribes against Muslims. In a recent statement, the Trump campaign recommended a ban on Muslim immigration into the United States.
Trump said there should be a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States" until the country's representatives could "figure out what is going on." His campaign office claimed the discrimination was justified because large segments of the Muslim population bear "great hatred toward Americans." Trump has also called for the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants in the US. He also wants to erect a substantial wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
As well as being a GOP presidential candidate, Trump is a prominent real estate mogul and also featured in a popular TV series, The Apprentice, until recently. Trump is both the chair and president of The Trump Organization and founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts. According to the Wikipedia entry on Trump: In 2015, Forbes estimated his net worth at $4 billion.[49] In June 2015, Business Insider published a June 30, 2014, financial statement supplied by Trump. The statement reflects his net worth as $8.7 billion. Of that amount, $3.3 billion is represented by "Real Estate Licensing Deals, Brand and Branded Developments", described by Business Insider as "basically [implying] that Trump values his character at $3.3 billion."[50]In spite of — or perhaps because of — his controversial views Trump has the support of many celebrities including Dennis Rodman, Jesse Ventura, and Ted Nugent among 14 listed here.
Trump certainly has Muslim friends in the Gulf area. One is Hussain Sajwani, head of Damac Properties a Dubai-based luxury real estate company. Trump calls Muslim Sajwani not only a good friend but a great man. Trump even flew off to Dubai to spend time with Sajwani when they announced their joint huge real estate project in the UAE.
The project will include 104 villas and mansions with a price tag beginning at more than $1 million U.S. and at the higher end will be over $10 million each. The development will also have the "Trump World Golf Club." The video appended shows the opening of the resort. The Trump Private Mansions are touted as "the most distinguished address in Dubai", including a view of the Trump International Championship golf course. The development includes a luxury spa, restaurants, and stores.
Sajwani has a clouded history, being convicted in 2011 for a land deal with an Egyptian government minister. He was sentenced in absentia to five years in prison. However, a settlement was reached in 2013 with the new more friendly government and Damac properties is free to operate again in Egypt. The Dubai project also faces issues concerning conditions for migrant workers on these construction projects. Workers have been required to work 14 plus hours in temperatures of up to 100 degrees F and have poor living quarters as well. At a press conference in Dubai in 2014 a reporter from Vice news asked: “Mr. Trump, the workers who build your villas make less than $200 a month. Are you satisfied?” People in the room reportedly gasped at the question. Trump refused to answer, instead remaining stone-faced. The project’s publicist then told the reporter, “That’s not an appropriate question.”
Trump is not content with his Dubai Muslim friends. His company is also exploring opportunities in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. If he wins the presidency of the US, perhaps Trump will issue special presidential passes for his wealthy Muslim business friends so they can enter the United States. The passes will trump the Trump ban on Muslims entering the U.S.


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