Appeal to Ban Ki-Moon concerning repression of media in Yemen by Houthi rebels

Here is an appeal to Ban Ki-Moon concerning the repression of media in Yemen by the Houthi rebels, who control much of the north including the capital Sanaa where my Facebook friend, Munir Alhemyari  resides: 
Mr. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations 
At the beginning of our speech, let us remind you that all international conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirm that human rights and freedoms are non-separated, and the separation between them is a blatant assault on the human conscience and vanquish to the whole life and is considered as a prejudice to humanity as a moral value. 
From this respect, we, in Al-Shomoa Foundation for Press and Media are sending to your excellency this letter, and appeal your human conscience and duty placed upon you as occupying the highest global position .... What is happening until the moment against the capabilities and potentials of Al-Shomoa Foundation for Press and Media by the so-called Ansar Allah (Houthis) surpasses all kinds of oppression and the eradication of free speech. All this happens for nothing, but because Al-Shomoa is seeking the truth, struggling for it and rejecting all claims that don’t establish a coexistence which is unbelievable by this group, which occupies our Foundation by its militias, oppression, and intimidation for nearly one month.
Houthi Group is deliberately seeking to dispel our capabilities as the first leading media organization in Yemen, including tampering with its contents in a barbaric and unprecedented way in order to prevent its publications and impair the freedom of speech which we consider as the real presence of human meaning ... in a close distance to the occupied headquarter of our Foundation, is being hold the dialogue between the political and partisan components lead by UN Envoy Jamal bin Omar who keeps silent towards what is being committed against our foundation of violations against freedoms, disruption and destroy to the devices and chase to journalists, as well as threats we receive of killing.
All that happen under the knowledge of your representative Mr. Bin Omar who must say a word of truth and sincerity towards the unprecedented harm we suffer which is never happened in all countries of the third world.
Mr. Bin Omar must call on Houthis to stop their occupation, leave our Foundation, stop pursuing us and remove all the barbaric acts of Ansar Allah, as well as compensation of the heavy damages and material losses caused to the foundation....
How can dialogue be correct? While there is a conquer and terrorism against the word and freedom.
How can the dialogue succeed? While the first attack against it is violating the right of expression.
Mr. Ban Ki-moon
We appeal your humanitarian and moral conscience to stand firm – through your envoy in Yemen – in the face of tyranny that is practicing all forms of humiliation against the right of expression.
Also, we call on your representative in Yemen Jamal bin Omar, with his history of struggle, to stand in face of crimes being committed against Al-Shomoa Foundation for Press and Media, and be at the level of the honesty , with no ignorance to what is at the heart of the dialogue (respect for the freedoms and rights) in the forefront is the freedom of speech . without the respect of freedoms and rights, any dialogue is humanly unacceptable


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