Almost half of Republican voters think ACORN stole the election for Obama

Public Policy Polling found that 49% of GOP voters nationally thought that ACORN stole the election for Obama. This is down from 52% who thought the same way after the 2008 election.
ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) was an NGO that helped low income groups get housing, register to vote, receive health care, etc. Conservatives working undercover made videos that exposed wrongdoing by some ACORN staff that created headlines for a time. ACORN filed for chapter 7 liquidation in November of 2010, and therefore did not exist at the time of the 2012 November elections.
The PPP poll also showed that one quarter of Republicans want their state to secede from the union. However, over half (56%) want to stay, while 19% are not sure.
Before the election polling found 39% of voters claimed to be Democrats with 37% Republicans. However, since the election, 44% consider themselves Democrats and only 32% Republicans.
Grover Norquist the anti-tax crusader turns out not to be well known nationally. 15% have a favorable opinion of him and 37% an unfavorable one, of those who knew who he was. Of those who had an opinion, only 23% of voters thought it important that the no-tax pledge be kept. 39% considered it not important.
While Obama's approval has gone up since the election, it is not by much. The last pre-election poll put his rating at 48% approve and 49% disapprove, but the ratio now is 50% approve as opposed to 47% disapprove.
The Bowles-Simpson plan to cut the deficit does not seem to be that well known to the general public even though many pundits discuss it. Of those who had an opinion 23% support the plan, while 16% oppose it. 60% had no opinion one way or the other.
Just for test purposes PPP invented a mythical Panetta/Burns plan of Leon Panetta, the present Defense Secretary and Conrad Burns a former senator. In spite of the fact that no such plan existed, 8% of voters supported the plan, while 17% were opposed.


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