Video: How to train you dog not to mark its territory

The appended You Tube video has had over a million hits. This dog has never been trained to recognize that water can conduct electricity.It is quite possible that the dog may generalize and not pee to mark it territory.

This could result in some terrible neurosis and feaar of peeing to be relieved only by going to an expensive animal psychiatrist. On the other hand nature may simply force the dog's hand so to speak and it will go on peeing especially when it results in no further punishment.

Reaction to the video has been a bit delayed as far as humans are concerned. The video was posted a year ago in September it trended only this August. A number of You Tube users have copied the video.

The dog is probably a Boxer but the same result no doubt occurs if other breeds try the same thing.. The next stage will be to test this on a drunk human.

The 51 year old owner and uploader is from the U.S. A sadistic commenter on the video suggests that it could be one way to neuter your male dog.

Apparently the dog was not injured by the encounters but there is no accompanying notice that no animals were harmed in the filming of this video. There should be a notice saying that owners should not attempt to reproduce these results with their own dog..There should also be a notice on the fence: No Peeing Please, Electric Fence.


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