Gaza: Produce exports limited by Israeli blockade

  The blockade of Gaza by Israel since 2007 means that most produce of Gazan farmers cannot be exported. Although farmers in Gaza grow strawberries, peppers, flowers, and tomatoes they have little access to external markets.
   The few trucks shown in the appended video are loaded with fresh strawberries destined for the Netherlands. Even of the exports agreed to with the Israelis only two per cent have actually been completed.
   According to an agreement with the Palestinian authority about 400 truck loads of  produce can be exported each day. There is only one crossing out of Gaza even operating. Far fewer than the agreed upon number make it through with produce each day. '
   If Gazans were allowed to export freely they could generate income that would make the less of a welfare state dependent upon foreign aid. However Israel no doubt is quite happy to keep Gazans in a state of dependency.


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