UK to hold conference on Yemen intervention.

Remember how the Soviets got involved in Afghanistan. The government they were propping up asked for help. Now the UK who have lost most of their empire are again trying to please the new Global Cop in hope that the lap dog will be thrown some goodies. So far the US has been using clandestine operations-now out in the open and also used technology that does not put any US troops at risk. If things become even more disrupted in Yemen as is quite likely the US may become directly involved with troops.
Notice that there are umpteen news reports about Yemen in the last few days and more and more stories about the failed bombing attempt being connected to Al Qaeda in Yemen. This all presents a perfect rationale for intervention. There is no need for media control in the US. The media just follows along giving prominence to official pronouncements and then yakking with experts and their own panels to make sure the issue penetrates the rather thick and distracted mass mind. No doubt the US is already looking about for allies in renewed intervention and lo and behold there is the UK. After Bush and Blair come Obama and Brown. Perhaps Obama gave Brown a nudge to start the ball rolling or perhaps Brown just thought it was a great idea to help out Obama by holding this conference.

UK summit to discuss intervention in Yemen
Fri, 01 Jan 2010 17:48:27 GMT
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Britain said Friday it plans to hold an international summit on fighting "extremism" in Yemen as the Arab nation smolders in flames of a civil war fueled by foreign intervention.

"Gordon Brown has invited key international partners to a high-level meeting in order to discuss how best to counter radicalization in Yemen," the premier's office said in a statement.

"The prime minister will host the event on 28 January in London," said the Downing Street statement.

It said the meeting would focus on identifying and providing the Yemeni government's needs for fighting 'extremism,' and coordinating assistance for areas most at risk of radicalization.

This is while a joint Saudi-Yemeni military offensive has killed hundreds in the north of the impoverished — but oil-rich — Arab state, leaving tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians displaced and on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

Southern Yemen recently received a taste of the north's ordeal as Yemeni forces reportedly backed by US military pounded what Washington and Sana'a call al-Qaeda militants in Yemen.

The British premier's call for the high-level meeting, nonetheless, seems to have been triggered by an alleged attempt by a Nigerian man to attack a plane upon landing in the United States on Christmas Day.

US media soon floated reports which raised suspicions that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, received training to blow up the Amsterdam-Detroit flight from an al-Qaeda bomb maker in Yemen.

The meeting is scheduled to "stand alone" but run "in parallel" with an international summit on Afghanistan, also scheduled for January 28. The event is expected to be attended by senior ministers or leaders from some 43 nations.

Concerns are growing that the same fate as those of Afghanistan and Iraq, suffering violence despite years of foreign military presence, might await Yemen's Muslim nation.


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