Micheletti playing a new game!

This has all been on great farce from the beginning. While the point of negotiations was supposed to be to reinstate Zelaya as president at every step of the way Micheletti has steadfastly refused to grant his restoration at all. When finally it looked as if he would do so he has done nothing but stall and will not even call Congress to consider ratification of the agreement and Zelaya's reinstatement until after the presidential election! Although there were supposed to be further negotiations on implementation of the agreement there seems to be no new news and for Zelaya's side the agreement is in effect dead. Micheletti went ahead and formed a socalled unity government all on his own! If things continue as they are probably most Latin American states will not recgonise the results. However, the US probably will! These excerpts are from presstv.

Honduran interim leader may resign

Honduran interim leader Roberto Micheletti says that he may resign from his position temporarily ahead of the Nov. 29 presidential elections.

Micheletti said that he will consult his advisers about resignation ahead of the vote and by Dec. 2, when Congress is scheduled to vote on whether to reinstate ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

"My purpose with this measure is for the attention of all Hondurans to concentrate on the electoral process and not on the political crisis," Micheletti said Thursday.

He did not say who would be in charge of the government if he takes the weeklong leave of absence, adding that he would immediately return to the presidency should threats to order and security arise.

After Zelaya was ousted by the country's military on June 28, Micheletti was named president by Congress.

The ousted leftist leader derided Micheletti's announcement as 'an easy maneuver ... to deceive fools,' the Associated Press reported.

Zelaya again warned that he would not return to the presidency if Congress votes to restore him after the elections, saying doing so would legitimize the coup.

"It's illegal and violates the rights of the voters because it tries to hide a coup d'état," Zelaya said.


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