Galbraith was ordered to cover up Karzai fraud.

Galbraith seems to misunderstand his job. He insists on being scrupulous about investigating the voter fraud but perhaps too he does not like Karzai and would like to see him discredited. Anyway he should have known that his bosses have already decided that Karzai will win and so want to get the fraud matter behind them as soon as possible. He put his own agenda ahead of the aims of his superiors and also questioned them and made his displeasure public and with great howls! Bad behavior and not surprisingly it was not tolerated for long.
All is supposed to be quiet and everyone is supposed to look forward and gloss over the pathology of the recent election. The whole process was meant to give a patina of legitimacy to the government and make it look to western NATO countries and the US that democracy is taking root in Afghanistan. It was all paid for and organised by them after all. Now the question is how to placate Abdullah Abdullah and others and reign in the power of Karzai while appointing key technical people where the occupiers want them.

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Galbraith Was Ordered to Cover Up Karzai Fraud
Posted By Jason Ditz
Former US Ambassador Peter Galbraith, who was fired from his role as second ranking official at the UN Mission to Afghanistan last week, says he was ordered by mission chief Kai Eide to cover up the extent of the voter fraud by Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Galbraith says his public falling out with Eide was a result of repeated orders by Eide to keep secret data that the mission had gathered regarding the enormity of Karzai’s voting fraud. Eide reportedly told Karzai after the vote that he supported the president’s re-election campaign.
Among the data was evidence that almost one in three votes for Karzai was actually fraudulent. Though ample evidence of widespread fraud has since come to light, the UN mission, which was charged by the Security Council to ensure the fairness of the elections, has been reluctant to press for more than cursory recounts and some from the mission have indicated a preference to not have a run-off between Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah, a virtual certainty if the fraudulent votes were discounted.
Abdullah Abdullah attacked the trustworthiness of the UN investigation into the fraud following the revelations, though he stopped short of calling for Eide’s ouster.
Undaunted by the growing evidence against him, and likely bolstered by reports that the Obama Administration has decided he will remain in power regardless of what the investigations determine, Karzai attacked the continuation of the investigations, saying that the delay in declaring him winner harmed the nation.


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