U.S. Ambassador slams Pakistan for lack of support.

This outburst shows little gratitude for the sacrifices that Pakistan made just recently in driving the Taliban out of the SWAT valley. It remains to be seen whether Pakistan can keep control of the area and certainly that offensive created a humanitarian disaster. The U.S. shows very little concern for Pakistani's own concerns or the increase in anti-American feeling that their policies engender in Pakistan. Pakistani governments face an unenviable task of trying to placate US policymakers without endangering their own political power.

US Ambassador Slams ‘Reluctant’ Pakistan for Lack of Support
Posted By Jason Ditz
Raising the stakes in the growing diplomatic divide between the two nations, US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson publicly condemned the Pakistani government, saying it was too “reluctant” in acting against Afghan insurgents.
Patterson, who last week publicly clashed with Pakistan’s largest media outlet, claiming they were “endangering Americans” with their opinion articles, said Pakistan is refusing to target the “biggest threat” to the US-led war in Afghanistan.
This presumably refers to the Haqqani faction in North Waziristan. The Pakistani military has expressed concern that a broader war in North Waziristan would prove unwinnable, as historically the tribes have resisted outside interference.
For the US the war in Afghanistan is priority #1 in the region, while Pakistan has to worry about its own internal stability and tense relations with India. Though the US will likely continue to pressure Pakistan to go “all-in” against the militants along the Afghan border, it will likely only underscore how different their respective priorities are and fuel resentment of the growing US impact on Pakistan’s security situation.


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