Friday, May 1, 2009

Iraqi Cabinet: US Kut Attack violated security pact.

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There seems to be absolutely zilch about this attack in the mainstream US media. The flu and Obamas 100 days seem to monopolise the mainstream media. Things are not going all that well in Iraq lately with serious bombings and also raids such as these. It would seem that the US is going to keep large numbers of troops in Iraq for the forseeable future. Obama is taking the advice of his generals rather than worrying about his campaign promises. The US public is more worried about the economy than foreign policy issues at present. However, continued astronomic spending on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan may eventually wake people up especially if it is combined with an increase in US casualties especially in Afghanistan.

Iraqi Cabinet: US Kut Attack Violated Security Pact
Posted By Jason Ditz Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh delivered an official statement from the Iraqi cabinet today regarding the Sunday morning raid in the city of Kut. They declared the raid “an unacceptable violation of the forces’ withdrawal agreement between the two countries,” and “called on the U.S. side to reconsider the incident in light of the agreement’s articles.”
The statement was in keeping with previous comments by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who called the raid “criminal” and likewise said it was “a violation of the security pact.” Maliki had also called for the United States to turn over the soldiers involved in the raid to the Iraqi court system, to the great concern of the American Congress.
The official press release from the US declared the raid had captured a “financier” for an Iranian-backed Shi’ite militant faction, and six of his associates, as well as killing a “hostile” man and an unarmed woman. In reality, the troops arrested an extended family, including an Iraqi police captain, and killed two innocent civilians. Though the US released the captives and privately apologized to them, as confirmed by the Iraqi government today, they have yet to publicly state their position on the matter.

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