Monday, March 2, 2009

Trip to the Philippines

We drove to Winnipeg on Saturday and stayed over at the Airport Inn. Fortunately they allowed us to park our car for a month saving us a bundle compared to some of the park and fly places by the airport.
The flight from Winnipeg to Vancouver next day was uneventful but when we arrived in Vancouver in the middle of the afternoon we had to wait for the flight to Manila at 10:45 pm.
We had our bags booked through to Manila so we just had to get a boarding pass. Of course the PAL station was not open.
We inquired at information and were told that it opened at six. At six it did not open. So we inquired again. We were then told that it opened three hours before the flight or about 6:15. Hmm..! Three hours before 10:45 would be 7:45 not 6:15. Anyway at about a quarter to seven someone came and fired up a computer that put signs by each lane indicating whether it was for transfers or for those with baggage. Lo and behold a little after seven two clerks actually appeared and we were first in line and got our seats right away.
At the departure lounge we were not allowed in for security reasons the sign informed us. Next door a flight to New York with exactly the same type of lounge had people happily waiting inside. Those waiting for the Philippine Air Lines flight however had to sit in the hall with too few seats for all of us.
Finally the PAL plane landed from Las Vegas and some passengers going on to Manila got off the plane into the lounge. I expect this was the security reason! PAL could not counenance the thought of us mingling with the Las Vegas gamblers who might very well not keep their boarding pass to get back on. Easier just to keep us waiting outside with looking through the glass to the water fountain and the washrooms!
We were about half an hour late as the Las Vegas plane was late. No doubt they had trouble rounding up laggard gamblers. More later.....

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