Iran "open" to U.S. interests section

This is from aljazeera.
The Iran US situation is certainly mixed up. This comes along with sabre rattling by both sides (and Israel). This is a much more positive step than the provocations that have dominated the news lately. Maybe oil will go down even more now!

Iran 'open' to US interests section
Burns is set to meet Iranian officials to focus on Tehran's nuclear programme [AFP]
Iran is prepared to have dialogue with the United States on establishing a US interests section in Iran, the country's foreign minister has said.
Manouchehr Mottaki also said on Friday that a direct air link between Iran and the United States could be discussed between the two countries.
"In my opinion, talks and a deal on an American bureau in Iran and direct flights between Iran and the United States is possible," Mottaki said after holding talks with Ali Babacan, Turkey’s foreign minister, in Ankara.
Mottaki said Tehran was aware of media reports of a US plan to open an interests section in Iran.
If such a bureau were to be opened, it would mark the first such link between the two countries since the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.
Washington will announce its plan to establish an interests section staffed with diplomats in Iran, London’s Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday.Nuclear talks
Mottaki’s comments come a day before William Burns, the US undersecretary of state, is due to meet Iranian representatives in Geneva to discuss Iran's nuclear programme.
"I hope this progress [in the negotiation format] will also reflect on the content of the talks," Mottaki said of Burns' visit.
"If the negotiations continue in this way, I hope there will be a positive outcome."
Saeed Jalili, Iran’s senior nuclear negotiator, is set to meet Javier Solana, the European Union policy chief, to discuss incentives offered to Tehran to halt its uranium enrichment programme.
The US and other Western powers say that Iran is enriching uranium with a view to attach it to a warhead.
Tehran rejects the charges and says that it is pursuing nuclear technology to generate electricity.


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