Oprah and Obama

The Black Agenda people do not sound very enthused about Obama! The description seems quite accurate. The only problem is that the current leader in the race Hilary Clinton is even worse!

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BAR-produced stories:

Oprah & Obama: Corporate Marketing for a Corporate Campaign
by BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon
Two of the best marketers in the U.S. teamed up for a three-state
extravaganza of vapid, substance-devoid entertainment posing as
presidential politics. Oprah Winfrey – a certified genius of self-
salesmanship – and the faux progressive, fraudulent anti-war
candidate Barack Obama wowed crowds in South Carolina, Iowa and New
Hampshire in a mega-media celebration of celebrity, itself. Political
theater has devolved to theater without politics. Corporate
“journalists” behave like sports “color” commentators, minus
stats and facts. Next stop: Broadway – if the world doesn’t explode

before curtain-time.


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