Iran training Iraqi insurgents: US military

I have heard that the occupation troops are often trained in the US and provided with sophisticated weapons by the US a country half way across the world. The situation was bad enough in Iraq without the US and allies invading. These types of reports even if true are simply part of the demonisation of Iran to soften public opinion for a possible strike against Iran.

Iraqi insurgents get training in Iran, US military says

Apr 11, 2007, 21:23 GMT

Washington - Iraqi insurgents are being trained in Iran on how to assemble weapons, the US military alleged Wednesday.

Militants captured in Iraq within the last month said they had been training in Iran on the use of weapons and explosives, said US Major General William Caldwell, the spokesman for the US-led coalition in Iraq.

'We know that they are being in fact manufactured and smuggled into this country, and we know that training does go on in Iran for people to learn how to assemble them and how to employ them,' Caldwell said, according to CNN.

US President George W Bush accused the Iranian Revolutionary Guard three months ago of supporting insurgents by shipping weapons to Iraq, and it appears that activity has not ended, Caldwell said.

Coalition forces found Iranian rockets and grenade launchers in Baghdad as recently as Tuesday, Caldwell said.

'The death and violence in Iraq are bad enough without this outside interference,' Caldwell said.


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